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We are an independent online publishing company with a focus on fun learning products for adults and children. We publish iPhone apps, websites and eBooks.


We develop educational websites for children, students, and adults. Websites will open in a new window.

ESL Library

ESL Library

Ready-to-print classroom resources for busy English teachers. Download, print, and photocopy hundreds of lesson plans and thousands of flashcards. Preparing for class is easy... Just hit Print!

Sprout English

Sprout English

Hundreds of printable worksheets, games, short readers and activities to help children around the world develop their English skills.

English App

English App

Online lessons that students can use to practice and improve their English with topics they care about.


We develop and publish language apps for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can find us on iTunes under the brand name ‘The English App’.

  • Happy Campers

    Happy Campers

    Happy Camper Books is an ideal storybook app for family road trips, bedtime stories, and eco-friendly classrooms. It comes with six short stories, puzzles, games, and coloring.

  • Conversation English HD

    Conversation English HD

    Practice and improve your English on the go with Conversation English. Includes 20 mini English lessons to help you learn new vocabulary and develop your speaking skills.

  • English at Work

    English at Work

    An excellent app for improving your workplace English skills. Over 150 useful expressions and phrases. Fourteen conversation English lessons for the office.

  • Travel English HD

    Travel English HD

    English is the International language for travellers. This app is a mini-English course for any traveller. Includes 15 English lessons focusing on various travel subjects.

  • Collins English for Business

    Collins English for Business

    This completely fresh approach to self-study is the perfect tool for busy executives looking to improve their English listening skills, and for anyone looking to learn English in a business context.

  • Conversation Spanish HD

    Conversation Spanish HD

    Practice and improve your Spanish on the go with Spanish Conversation. Includes 20 mini Spanish lessons to help you learn new vocabulary and develop your speaking skills.


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